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The Heroines are the main playable characters in Devil Slayer Raksasi. There are currently 7 heroines available.

Heroines[edit | edit source]

Byleth the "White-clad Ronin"
Dialogue Byleth.png
Initial Stat

• Health +60

• Stamina +30

Initial Weapon

LS Longsword.png

Goddess who survived the Ancient War.
SK Berserk.png
Skill: Berserk50 MP

Enter Berserk for 30sec: grants hyper-armor, +50% Phy Dmg, +100% Stamina Regen, +50% Mov Spd.

Ajiela the "Demoness"
Dialogue Ajiela.png
Initial Stat

• Magic +30

• Magic Regen +5

Initial Weapon

SP Spear.png

Demon heiress who fell in love with a human.
SK Life Leeching.png
Skill: Blood Leeching40 MP

Grants Leech for 30sec: +30% Dmg Resist, +100% Stamina Regen, +70% Dodge Dist, +40 Bleed Dmg, heals Ajiela for 10% of the damage deal to flesh & blood enemy.

Kharoum the "Violent Girl"
Dialogue Kharoum.png
Initial Stat

• Magic -20

• Phy Dmg +40%

Initial Weapon

HM Sledgehammer.png

Fiery lady with incredible strength.
SK Attraction.png
Skill: Attraction30 MP

Creates an area with a 7-unit radius, 4 units in front of Kharoum, which pulls enemies together and stuns them for 2sec.

Xilvaron the "Avenger"
Dialogue Xilvaron.png
Initial Stat

• Mov Spd +15%

• Stamina Regen +20

Initial Weapon

DB Twin Daggers.png

Child of a demoness and a chivalrous human.
SK Mass Stun.png
Skill: Mental Shock50 MP

Stuns enemies within 25 units for 5sec.

Ralciel the "Descendant of the General Family"
Dialogue Ralciel.png
Initial Stat

• Health +60

• Magic -20

• Dmg Resist +5

Initial Weapon

SH Sword & Shield.png

Descendant of a general, the last of her family.
SK Regenerate.png
Skill: Regeneration70 MP

Heals Ralciel 5 HP/s for 30sec.

Japhriel the "Verdant Queen"
Dialogue Japhriel.png
Initial Stat

• Health -20

• Stamina -20

• Mov Spd +15%

• Phy Dmg +30%

Initial Weapon

CH Sickle & Chain.png

Queen of the outlaws, demon.
SK Slow.png
Skill: Viscous Air30 MP

Applies Slow to enemies around, they suffer -12 Mov Spd, -1 Action Spd and can't dodge. Lasts for 30sec.

Tindra the "Fire Vulpine"
Dialogue Tindra.png
Initial Stat

• Health -20

• Stamina Regen +10

• Magic Regen +10

Initial Weapon

CN Breech-loading Swivel Gun.png

Fox immortal who believes in devil power & technology.
SK Strategic Bomb.png
Skill: Strategic Bomb25 MP

Toss out a bomb that explodes in 1sec and deals 1 * Player's physical & elemental damage in a large area, knocks enemy down.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Each Heroine has unique stats that affect her playstyle and her strengths and weaknesses.

Main stats[edit | edit source]

Combat stats[edit | edit source]

Special damage stats[edit | edit source]

Elemental damage won't be affected by damage buff or damage reduction, but can be negated by element immunity or blocked by spirit armor, magical blood shield or bone shield. They and their corresponding statuses inflict raw damage which also ignores damage resist/absorb.

Type Effect
Raw Damage Ignores damage resist/absorb. raw damage from trap or enemy won't trigger relic effects that ativated by being hurt.
Fire Damage Hitting target with 1x fire dmg apply a 10 sec Burning status that inflicts 0.1x raw dmg/s, burning target hurts other character for 1x raw dmg on contact (won't affect attacker or their allies, burning pets won't affect player character). New fire dmg hits on a burning target reset the duration and update the DoT if the newly applied fire dmg is higher.
Frost Damage Hitting target with 1x frost dmg apply a 10 sec Frostbite status that slows target's movement spd by 12, animation spd by 1 and stamina regeneration by 5/s, halves target’s dodge distance and deals 1x raw dmg. New frost dmg hits on a frostbitten target still do 1x raw dmg, and will reset the Frostbite duration. Slow effects from different type of sources can stack, reduce target‘s speed by 1-2/(1+e^(-stacknum*0.15)), approximately 7.5% per stack.
Lightning Damage Hitting target with 1x lightning dmg apply a 10 sec Charged status, storing 1*lightning dmg on the target. Additional lightning dmg received will be added to the stored value and reset the duration. It does a 50% RNG check every 2 sec, failing it will trigger the effect, which deals all the currently stored raw damage, removes the status and has a 50% chance to stuns the target for 2 sec.
Poison Damage Hitting target with 1x poison dmg apply a 20 sec Poisoned status that inflicts 0.1x raw dmg/2s and reduces target's physical dmg by 30% of base dmg. New poison dmg hits on a poisoned target reset the status duration and update the DoT if the newly applied poison dmg is higher.
Bleed Damage Hitting target with 1x bleed dmg apply a 10 sec Bleeding status that checks every second whether the target’s position has changed. If so, it inflicts 0.1x raw dmg for that check. A target can have up to 4 bleeding status procs at a time. Each proc works independently, checking based on their own timers.